Writing Inspiration: College Essay Guy

Front page header of College Essay Guy's tumblr handle.

Front page header of College Essay Guy’s tumblr handle.

While browsing the web for some writing inspiration, I came across collegeessayguy.com, a website dedicating to helping students tell their stories through college admission essays and personal statements. Now THIS is a resource I wish I had in high school, but even now, the tips provided could help with writing cover letters and much more.

College Essay Guy has a name. The man behind the blog is Northwestern University graduate student and UCI alum, Ethan Sawyer, who holds two counseling certificates and membership in two college admissions counselors’ associations. So he definitely knows a thing or two about how to get into college and telling a killer story.

His website and tumblr include blog posts to help with SAT prep, finding your voice, telling your story, and sparking inspiration. Even as a senior in college, I learned a lot from College Essay Guy. The great part is, he uses a variety of media to help students while keeping them entertained. Some of his posts include videos, photos, and articles.

The blog primarily focuses on undergraduate admissions, and I think it’s a great idea. I certainly didn’t find any blogs about it when I was having anxiety about applying to colleges, so I am happy to find someone that has the passion to make one. This would have saved my life a few years back.

If you know a student about to apply for colleges or wants to prepare well, let him or her know about this resource! Even for those not applying for colleges, it still serves as great writing inspiration.

These are a few of the posts I really loved:


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