Keep Calm and Snap On: Getting back in the photo grind

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve had some great opportunities to dust off my camera and take it out for a spin. A friend of mine, who is a fashion blogger, asked me to help her shoot her holiday looks from Bebe, and I absolutely enjoyed delving into fashion photography.

A few days ago, I shot the City of Huntington Beach’s Veterans Day Ceremony and the city’s Surf City Nights certified farmers market. I’m very proud of some of the shots I got!

I came across this photo gallery on Digital Photography School featuring 30 Fantastic Photos of Pencils. It reminded me of one of the reasons photography fascinates me so much: such ordinary objects and sights can actually yield extraordinary compositions–if one takes the time to truly look.

Fun fact about me: I feel most comfortable looking at life through a viewfinder. Being back behind the camera feels so refreshing, and I am the most “myself” while taking pictures.

I don’t plan on putting my camera down anytime soon.

I’ll post some of my favorites on here from time to time. You can also see some of my photos on Flickr if you’re interested!


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