I am living the dream.

A month after hiring in, I took a photo in front of the door on Main Street, U.S.A. dedicated to Cast Members.

A month after hiring in, I took a photo in front of the door on Main Street, U.S.A. dedicated to Cast Members.

Plenty of my peers would probably agree with me that college is quite stressful. Balancing classes, a job, a leadership position, social obligations, and basic needs puts time management to the ultimate test. At times, it seemed like my to-do list was nonstop, and I was reluctantly going through the motions.

However, a small conversation with one of my coworkers really put everything into perspective.

She is a new hire and told me about how it was her goal to work at Disneyland after graduation. She moved from out of state with a mission to do just that, and here she is. Living the dream and very happy to be here.

Then she asked me, “How about you? Is PhotoPass the dream?”

To be honest, I felt drained. I was tired and overwhelmed with all the things I have planned. I have been working in PhotoPass for nearly two years (including my time in the Disney College Program), and it is “normal” to me now. School and activities seem to be taking over my life.

Then I thought about it. “Yes, it was.

A year ago, working at Disneyland was the dream. Before I transferred to Cal State Fullerton, I imagined my picture perfect college life would include becoming an active member of PRSSA, working on the school newspaper staff, and working as a PhotoPass Photographer at Disneyland.

A year later, I am beyond blessed to be doing exactly those things. I am living my dream, and living your dreams requires hard work. The truth is, I love my role at the Disneyland Resort and what I am doing with my life. It’s just that sometimes, the stress gets in the way of remembering that.

I love using my talents to create magic for guests. I love being part of a student organization that helps everyone achieve their dream careers. I love what I am studying in school.

That conversation made me realize how important it is to frequently take a step back and remember why you are motivated. Why you do what you do? Why do you strive to do it well? It’s refreshing and helps reinvigorate new life into your tasks.

The keyword is that those were my dreams. Since I have achieved them, I have dreamt up some new goals to reach and new adventures I’d like to embark on. I can’t wait to see how and when I can reach those new aspirations.

With that said, I am very happy to announce that I will begin living one of my new dream roles at the Disneyland Resort in just one week. Thanks for reading!


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