My Summer Internship Bucket List

internshipbucketlistToday was the first day of my summer public relations and marketing internship with Visit Huntington Beach, otherwise known as the world famous Surf City USA! I am very excited to see what projects I will be working on and learning in the world of tourism PR. I created a list of goals I would like to accomplish to make the most of my experience. If you are interning this summer, maybe you’d like to try these too!


Obligatory first day selfie.

Obligatory first day selfie.

  1. Be there for everyone in the office / Be the “yes” girl. It is important to connect with those that you work with, not only to network, but to improve the flow of communication and rapport when the time comes to work together. Especially as an intern, I would like everyone to know that I am there to help with whatever they need–not just the PR department.
  2. Pitch a project. Hiring a fresh face means bringing in some fresh ideas. After getting settled into the operations, I would like to help start a project and watch it grow as my internship progresses. Not sure what it will be yet!
  3. Learn two new skills. Everyone you meet knows something you don’t. This shouldn’t be too hard. It’s just a matter of opening my mind up.
  4. Step out of my comfort zone. You learn a lot by doing things you have never done before. I’ll put that to the test by taking on the assignments that pose a challenge and that I may not quite know how to do–with the help of my mentors of course! 
  5. Document the experience. During my last internship, I kept a weekly log of my hours and what tasks I accomplished. I’d like to do the same for this one! It was very helpful when it came time to report my activities to my school and helped me brainstorm how to describe it on my resume. You do so much during an internship that it can be hard to remember everything!

I am so happy to be combining my interest in tourism and love for communications into one internship! I’ll keep you posted on my progress  throughout the summer.

For all of you with summer internships, what is on your bucket list? Any suggestions?


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