Why you should love to read

An arrangement of books I found at a cafe.

An arrangement of books I saw at a coffee shop in Santa Ana, CA.

At my internship, one of today’s assignments was to research bloggers and outlets in the area that could be interested in the same topics we are. I started perusing tons of blog posts, instagram feeds, tweets, stories–everything. I looked at the clock to rest my eyes, and suddenly, it was time to go home!

That was when I realized: to really enjoy a career in the news industry, you first and foremost really have to enjoy reading.

It sounds nerdy, but it’s true. A career in the media industry requires professionals to be on top of current events, trends, and all of their stakeholders. Gaining all that knowledge requires a lot of–you guessed it–reading!

In three hours, I learned more about our audience, local events, and how to be a better writer myself! I got hooked. After one article, I couldn’t help checking out a handful of articles in the “Related Stories” section.

I thought, “Honestly, I could do this all day.” That’s how I confirmed I picked a good career path.

When I say you have to enjoy reading, I don’t mean adoring classic literature or always having a thick novel in your bag (shoutout to those that do!). A professional should enjoy reading news articles, blogs covering his/her beat, and the like. It expands your knowledge and keeps you in touch with the very audiences you are hoping to reach.

I was reminded of this article I had read a while back stating Warren Buffett spends about 80% of his day reading and thinking!

Deep down, I think everyone enjoys reading. It’s just a matter of finding something you love reading about. Once you find that topic you could get lost in… Ding! Ding! You found your industry match! But how are you supposed to find that great topic if you don’t read the news or delve into a book or magazine every so often?

Whether it is through Flipbook, news apps, novels, or newspapers, I don’t care. I encourage you to read, and read everything! It’s a productive and entertaining way to stay busy, and time will fly by if you immerse yourself in it. When you discover what you love reading about, maybe you will find your niche in the comm world!


What do you think?

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